Takahashi Nobuhide KamaTakahashi Nobuhide

periodShinshinto (AD)
nakago49cm, 2 mekugiana
mei浪花住清雲子高橋信秀之道 (Naniwa ju Seiunshi Takahashi Nobuhide)
uramei増田原四?正義??作之慶應四年秋 月?日作之 (Masuda Genshiro Masayoshi [?] Saku Kore, Keio 4 Nen [1868], Autumn [?] Day, Saku Kore)
price -sold-

Takahashi Nobuhide is a Chu-saku rated smith who worked at the end of the Edo period until the early Showa period. He learned his trade under Unshu Naganobu. Naganobu is in the school of Chounsai Tsunatoshi, and descends in a line from Fuyuhiro, and is the 17th generation to do so. Nobuhide joined the Gassan Sadakazu mon later on his career. He is rated at 200 man yen in the Toko Taikan.

The weapon featured here is a Kama or probably a Kama Yari. It is a very unusual piece, and the first that I've been able to see or photograph.

This item was custom ordered (chumon-uchi) and the owner's name is recorded on the nakago, "Masuda Genshiro Masayoshi." There is another word that follows his name but I am unable to make it out. It is tempered in nie deki with a dentle midareba, and the hamon is filled with inazuma and sunagashi. It is in what appears to be an old polish, there are some abrasions on it and the jihada is somewhat muted, but I think it would come out nicely with a new polish. Even so it is completely enjoyable as is.

There are currently no papers on the piece, but I believe it to be genuine, and Nobuhide would not normally be a target of gimei in this period or the period afterwards. Hozon papers could be arranged for the buyer during the purchase if necessary.

Overall this is an unusual and interesting specimen that shows some of the interesting work that a Nihonto smith was capable of. It would be an interesting addition to anyone's collection, and also for those collecting antique weaponry on a wider scope as it demonstrates the Kama shape very well. It is accompanied by a beautiful oshigata.

 Takahashi Nobuhide Kama

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