Soshu Katana


periodLikely early Edo
nakagoO-suriage, two mekugiana
meiMasamune (kinzogan)
urameiInaba (kinzogan)
nagasa69.6 cm

Katana attributed to Masamune, reputedly a gift from Shogun Tokugawa Ieyoshi (1837-1853) to the Inaba Daimyo. Stored in a lacquer box stating "O-to Masamune, Ichi". Blade accompanied by koshirae bearing Tokugawa mon on gold nashiji saya. Tsuba is shakudo bearing Aoi mon. Fuchi, kashira, menuki are gold and shakudo. My research indicates that it is made in Soshu tradition, but is potentially early Shinto rather than Koto.

The sword was part of the Field Marshal Festing collection in England. He served as the Chief of the Imperial General Staff of Great Britan, which is the the top ranking officer in the Army.

The sword is found in the famous book by B.W. Robinson, Arts of the Japanese Sword.

Nakago has kinzogan mei "Masamune", and "Inaba" on the ura.

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Blade is accompanied by koshirae bearing Tokugawa mon on gold nashiji saya.

Soshu Katana Koshirae

Masamune Origami

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Signed envelope, content is a signed and sealed official transfer of ownership. Signed by the Viscount Inaba dated showa 26, Dec. 20.
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Masamune koshirae, complete description in detail. Signed by Inami Hakusui with kakihan, dated Jun. 26 no year.
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Old style origami for the Masamune, with value and oshigata. signed by same person, dated showa 32 Jun 26.
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History of the Masamune sword, from the Inaba family, dating this as a gift from the 12 shogun Iyeyoshi etc.
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Appraiser's full description of the Masamune blade, sugata kitae and hamon. Describing the outstanding nijuba hamon and the exception state of the jigane etc. etc. dated Showa 32 Jun 26. signed by Hakusui.

Soshu Katana Sayagaki


The sayagaki reads "(with koshira) Soshu Masamune from Tokugawa Shogun Iyeyoshi from Inaba family heirloom 2.3 saku approx."

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