Kaga Zogan Kozuka

Kaga Zogan

periodMid Edo (ca. 1750)

Best guess for this kozuka seems to be Kaga Zogan. It is not papered so this is only guesswork.

This kozuka was put into a koshirae for a Tokubetsu Juyo sword as a replacement when someone took out the original kozuka-kogai pair to box them and sell them for short term money. I think I found the original pair and have returned it to the Tokuju sword's koshirae which cost a lot to do but restores the intention of the koshirae.

I can send this one in and it will take some time. I think it will paper Hozon to Kaga Zogan. It needs some TLC where it is scratched on the back and then possibly could paper Tokubetsu Hozon.

It's nicely made, as the back is shibuichi with katakiribori and the front is shakudo with gold, silver, and shibuichi inlay.

I think the theme is Qin Gao riding a carp on his way to becoming an Immortal. I'm not sure though this is just a first guess and I'm selling this on an expedited basis. In order to save myself some time, I will just pass this one along as-is and I will give a 100% money back guarantee if it fails to paper to Kaga Zogan. There is no box, as mentioned above, this was a stopgap someone put in place on a koshirae when a gold Goto futakoromono was separated from the original daimyo koshirae.

Feel free to price shop and make an offer.

Kaga Zogan