If you have a family sword or found an antique sword somewhere and need help appraising it and coming to grips with “what to do,” I take pride on giving straight and honest advice to the best of my ability in regards to your property or discovery. Feel free to write to me and ask me for assistance, I will be glad to help you out. Please note that this is a service intended to help collectors and families and is not a free consulting service for businesses.

The swords I buy for my inventory are usually shown for the first time in the western market, having come from Japanese collections. Items not owned by me are highlighted as the property of collectors, as I do not advertise or speculate for other dealers on a commission basis.

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About Me

By training I am a computer programmer, and I have been studying Japanese swords since late 1999. I became interested in Japanese metalwork as a waypoint on a path of slow and steady exposure to Japanese culture throughout my life. I am also a self taught precious metalsmith, and occasionally I create a new design on behalf of friends who seem to keep getting married. This site gives me an opportunity to put up some swords for sale and meet new people interested in the same things as well as experiment with interface design.

Japanese swords and sword fittings are at an intersection of my interest in Japanese culture and in metalwork. To my mind they represent an art form that is forever above my capability, and embraces an aesthetic that I hold dear. As purely functional objects, throughout their active time in history they were peerless. It is the pursuit of perfection by people who would not accept limitations that made them so. This kind of desire to produce the best possible craftsmanship is something I deeply respect and revere.

I try now to be a student of the Japanese Sword, which means a lot of research, participating in discussion groups, and traveling around the world to see collections and fine swords that often are beyond mortal means to purchase. I maintain an interest in trying to broaden my knowledge by writing articles, and experimenting with photographic techniques, and maintaining correspondence with sword lovers everywhere.

Every sword has some things to teach, but a good sword I find is often like a full library. No matter how many good books you are able to buy and read, there is no substitute for a sword which displays what the books reference. Similarly, a good sword without reference material, or even better, the teaching had at the foot of someone with good knowledge, will not be able to tell you its full story.

I'm also writing a series of books documenting the great swords in North American collections, though this is a very long term project (to say the least). I maintain a small, but high quality inventory of swords and my own interest lies primarily in the Yamashiro and Soshu traditions. If you have a sword or a collection you wish to sell, feel free to contact me to discuss.

I am always glad to chat about swords, and am willing to dispense free advice within the limits of my knowledge and abilities, so feel free to use the email links on my site. I am also glad to recommend anyone interested to a sword polisher, or to a full service shop who can take care of their restoration needs. I do not perform any kind of brokering or sales of restoration and papering services, but am glad to refer people to those in the field who are honest and reliable.

Note for Canadian residents: should you purchase from any of the parties advertising in this site you will be responsible for your own importation into Canada as I neither import nor export to Canada.