Nihonto Masterwork

My name is Darcy Brockbank and I am a life member of the Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) in Tokyo, Japan. On this website you can find authentic nihonto (antique Japanese swords) and tosogu (antique fittings) for sale, as well as various educational material, research documents and photographs.

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My speciality is in the sale of high class antique Japanese Swords that have met elite standards for quality and integrity. I prefer to concentrate on the best items, rather than to deal with high volume commercial grade items. As a result, these are usually masterwork swords and fittings that have passed the stringent requirements to be awarded Juyo Token (Important Sword) or Tokubetsu Juyo Token (Extraordinarily Important Sword) by the NBTHK in Japan. Mostly I sell authentic antiques from the samurai era and earlier, though I will place some high class modern katana from time to time.


Before buying high end items I recommend you read my nihonto ratings article. Also I put together a list of recommended books and movies at Amazon about swords and samurai culture.

I wrote some other good reference articles and here are some links to other good sites. I announce new items on Twitter, you can follow me: @nihonto – I also blog from time to time at

Nihonto and Tosogu For Sale